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Governing enterprises according to law

Under the conditions of market economy, only by being honest and abiding by laws, obeying regulations and obeying regulations, and constantly advancing the rule of law, can we further develop management ideas, innovate management models, and standardize management behaviors, in order to better promote enterprises to become better and stronger.

Governing enterprises according to law is of great significance to ZSIM. It is an important means for enterprises to enhance their core competitiveness, and it is also the only way for enterprises to establish a modern enterprise system and improve management. At this stage, the company has a wide range of business and huge targets. The objective requirements of the company's institutional system design and system implementation must comply with China's laws and regulations, but also with the company's reality. It must fully utilize the principles of the rule of law, such as powers and responsibilities, power checks and balances. It is also necessary to build a more complete, scientific and standardized governance structure and institutional system, so that "the system must stipulate responsibilities, and the system prohibits behavior must not be", and further improve the authority and execution of the system.


《Sichuan Liangcai Law Firm》

Sichuan Liangcai Law Firm currently serves professional services (consulting/accounting/legal/translation, etc.). With professional experience and strong strength, and in the professional services (consulting / accounting / legal / translation, etc.) professional field is more insightful. The company's operating model is mature and smooth, using strong localization operation capabilities and marketing resources, and has laid a solid foundation for cooperation with users and enterprises.

Lei Juan, a member of the Communist Party of China, is a full-time lawyer of Sichuan Liangcai Law Firm. Lei has a solid legal theory and high professionalism. He is mainly engaged in various civil and commercial cases, and is good at handling cases such as marriage and family, contract disputes, creditor's rights and debts, traffic accidents, labor injury, and damages. Out of the responsibility of the client and the love of the lawyer, long-term concentrating on the study of various difficult legal issues, developed a unique ability to analyze the case, accumulated a certain case handling skills, and handled various problems handy.


Governing the enterprise according to law is the way to govern the enterprise, the foundation of the strong enterprise, the foundation of the enterprise, and the policy of health and enterprise. It is the driving force for the sustainable development of the enterprise and the unbeaten foundation of the future.