ZSIM National Unified Service Hotline
Address: No. 277, Qingtai Road, Section 2, Xinhua Avenue, Wenjiang District, Chengdu, China.
Zip code:611130
URL: www.0jingpai.com
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Customer service

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Customer training

  Five free services

  ①Free technical advice,Technical consultation phone:15351225837(Expert group service)。
  ②Free warranty service
  ③Implement special services for key projects free of charge.
  ⑤Free operation and maintenance personnel for users.
  ⑥Free regular follow-up maintenance service (material provided).

  National online customer service support center (call center)
  National unified service hotline:400- 168-9188
  User training phone:028-82633620
  Zip code:611130
  Address:No. 277, Qingtai Road, Section 2, Xinhua Avenue, Wenjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

  Products, technical consultation (Technical consultation phone:4001689188, Expert group service)

  We will set up a product and technical service expert group to provide users with product introductions and answer user technical questions.
  Key engineering special services

  If you purchase ZSIM equipment for construction on key projects above the provincial level, you will probably enjoy the unique services that ZSIM has carefully planned for you (on-site service, engineering on-site delay service.........) The special service will make you worry about any Become redundant.

  User visit service

  After a period of service, we apply the necessary quantitative management to the user's application level and user requirements to improve our service work. We will also provide new suggestions for users in the context of user business development. We will invite some of our customers to participate in the development and testing of our new products. To this end, we will establish a user visit system to provide users with more convenient communication channels.

  Paid service

  We carry out paid service, professional quality and quality assurance for the Drilling products outside the Three Guarantees.